A Painting for the Good Life, Wealth & Happiness attraction

Do you think that a simple painting can give you good luck, healthiness, happiness and wealth?

If you ask it from a Chinese Feng-Shui or Indian “Vastu” believer, the answer will always be ‘yes’!

You will be fighting with your mind to sort out this problem, how is it possible a simple brush strokes and combination of colors make or bring happiness to your life?

Ancient richest cultures like Indian and Chinese, they believed that there is a pattern in energy drives to bring Good fortune to life. So, by Integrating their personal aspects and day to day experience, they successfully created a Concept on how to use this natural energy to make their life successful. Accordingly, Indian culture they tried the methodology and the aspects and concepts called “Vastu” to change their bad luck in to good luck by arranging their house orientation. And as the same Chinese Culture believes on “Feng-shui” Concepts to make money, happiness and wealth in their life.

While feng-shui exactly means wind-water, the philosophy actually refers to a system of laws that determine the arrangement and orientation of various objects within a building.

When it comes to interior design, the focus is more on the use of colour, the benefit of symbols and the placement of furniture.

For an example,

If you study the concept in Feng-shui called “Bagua” Lo Shu Square, also known as magic square, and Bagua map comes under this part. In Bagua map, each area corresponds to a particular color and attribute to a certain aspect of life



Black is for career and journey, blue for skill and knowledge, green for family, purple for prosperity, red for fame, pink for relationships, white for creativity, gray for travel and yellow for health.

According to “Feng shui & Vastu“Paintings contribute to a space's overall energetic flow and feel.

So you can place your painting by according to feng-shui concepts, But here in this article, we bring you to have feel of luck, happiness, freedom and peace by selecting some ideal paintings to your bed room, office, business places & home decoration.  Many interior designers, who practice color psychology, say that different colors persuade specific emotional response in different people.



 By considering psychological aspects and Feng-shui aspects of placing paintings in your place decoration, we found following are the ideal themes and sceneries according to the colour what you prefer to place it.



Blue is a color that brings serenity to your mind and life. This color is also associated with emotions and qualities like trust, caring , wisdom, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, soft, soothing and compassionate.

Fenshui tip :

North sector: Use blue and/or black to decorate this sector of your home to emphasize the water element.




Naturally, green stands for almost everything that nature stands for. For example, nature is known for its serenity and so is green.

Green, like the color blue, is also associated with serenity. Green stands for growth, harmony and freshness. It also stands for hope, peace, gentleness and modesty. Green is said to be soothing, refined and civilized.

Feng-shui tip:

East and Southeast sectors: Use green and/or brown in both sectors to bolster the wood energy.




If you are asked to pick the most emotionally intense color, nine out of ten times, red will be your choice. Extreme emotions like anger, strength, power, passion etc are associated with red. However, love, friendship, sensitivity etc are also in good relation with red.

Feng shui tip:

South sector: Reinforce the fire element with red and/or purple.

Red is the Chinese color of luck and happiness, the marriage color in India, and the symbolic color of love and romance, courage, and passion in the West.
In feng shui decorating red color always signifies richness, luck and luxury.






It represents hope, happiness and knowledge. Like the fresh rays of Sun, yellow also stands for freshness and joy. By powering the yellow colour in Centre of the house can cause to have good health fortune according to Feng-shui.

Feng-shui tip:

Northeast, southwest, and center sectors: Use yellow/ochre in these sectors to reinforce the earth element.



Silver, Gold, and White

White represents peace, purity and innocence. It’s also considered to be the color of perfection. A fresh start is what white brings to the whole perspective.



Luck/Fortune/Success bringing paintings to decorate your home/Office


For centuries, Lord Buddha paintings have been considered that gives protection, prosperity, and wealth.

Hindus and Buddhists have been considering the presence of Lord Buddha in their homes as a divine and spiritually enlightening for centuries. It encourages people to strive for the sense of peace and enlightenment, just the way the lord had done himself. 

There is also another reason people place the images of Lord Buddha in their home and offices. According to Feng- Shui and Vastu, keeping paintings of Lord Buddha increase the flow of Chi and bring prosperity and great fortune


Horses are another favorite theme for Feng Shui painting. These paintings can bring good luck in your life in no time at all. Paintings of birds, flowers etc are also said to have the same effect.


Tulip Flower


Money Tree






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